Manifesting physics departement which capable to producing superior product of physics to develop science and technology, qualified and professional graduates that can adapt in environment and able to compete in global level especially in Southeast Asia


  1. Improve the quality of resources to be able to implement tridharma of university well, through increased infrastructure , human resources , the quality process in learning and quality of academic services based IT.
  2. Promote physics exploration actively through the improvement of basic research and the possibility of its applied that is oriented in research products by involving lecturer-student cooperation.
  3. Increase the competitiveness of graduates through increasing softskill as the ability in english language ,IT and entrepreneurship insight.
  4. Network connecting with alumni ,stakeholders and other institutions either university or non-university , national and international.
  5. Increase the competitiveness of departement through the scientific events as seminar , guest lectures ,workshops either national or international scale, international student exchange, lecturer exchange or staff researcher with foreign institutions.


  1. Produce graduates who mostly superior in material physics, computation, electronics and instrumentation, biophysics and geophysics.
  2. Produce graduates who virtuous, have the mindset of logical-rasional , have the ability to communicate and good leadership, and skillful working in their field, so they can compete and beneficial in work environment everywhere.
  3. Apply physics in science development and environmental technologies, so departement has a capability to being center of excellent..
  4. Produce the scientific research that high quality and international standard.
  5. Increasing the role and departement contribution on national development through the scientific activities as seminars and workshops, either national or international.

Target (2016-2020)

  1. Increasing the cooperation with outsiders (especially existing mou) in the scientific activity, including student exchange, research exchange, guest lecturer, seminar and joint publication.
  2. held international seminar.
  3. Improvement the infrastructure of lecturer and lecture rooms to meet international cooperation and the opening of new departement, that is physics master that had been formed and got from DIKTI in 2016.
  4. Development of departement by preparing the opening of new study program namely undergraduate degree of medical physics.
  5. Improvement of infrastructure in research laboratory, as done in the idb program to meet international cooperation.
  6. strenghten research among fields in the biggest themes, those are energy, foods products and health, that be a road map research together with study program. As we know the availability of energy, food and health care is very essential and urgent developed in indonesia in the next few years.
  7. the first international seminar has been hold by physics departement colaborate with another departements in mathematics and natural sciences faculty.
  8. The implementation of international workshop
  9. improvement of lecturer and officer room for anticipating new study programai??i??s activities
  10. Curriculum development based on competency accordance with indonesian national qualification
  11. Human resources development through degree and non-degree training.